Primary Treatment

Water treatment comprises of three stages. Primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary refers to the initial treatment which involves different procedures and one of these is called screening. During this process, the impure water passes through different inlet works that remove non-biodegradable solids. These solids can include items such as tree branches, bikes, and scrap metal and also smaller items such as leaves, pebbles and other pollutants. Another form of primary treatment involves the separation of suspended materials. The waste water is passed through a septic tank. Through settlement and floatation, other heavy materials are separated from the water, either sinking to the bottom of the tank and forming a layer of sludge, or floating to the top and forming a layer of scum. These layers are either automatically or manually cleaned depending on the specifications of the system.

Another primary source of treatment that Heal Group offers is through a design that is known as a Hydro Cyclone. This type of equipment is designed to separate oil and grease from the contaminated water. This unit is very popular amongst industrial recycling. The design uses density to separate the oil, grease and any other contaminant particles. Similar to the inlet works, the contaminants are trapped while allowing the water to pass through onto the next stage of treatment.

Heal Group offers a wide variety of inlet works and all can be specifically designed to meet the demand of the system’s purpose. Heal Group’s inlet works are engineered to promote an efficient and effective primary treatment of the waste water before moving on to the secondary treatment stage of the system.