Established in 1978, the Heal Group is an Australian group of companies that has grown from modest beginnings to encompass a fully integrated environmental engineering group in the water, waste water and solid waste industry.


Aerobic Sewage Treatment Co. Pty Ltd entered the market with a range of pre‐cast, modular package sewage treatment plants.


Heal Manufacturing Co. Pty Ltd was incorporated and developed a range of potable water treatment equipment, filtration units for various applications, and a range of equipment for the public swimming pool market. The original wastewater treatment range was expanded to include a range of steel options. The Group continued to expand its activities into gross solids removal, solids waste reduction, and custom designed fixed and mobile media systems for specialist applications.


Began to export Australian‐made systems, initially to Papua New Guinea and other island nations of the South Pacific. In 1986 Heal formed a joint venture with RMI (Rabaul Metal Industries) to build plants in PNG for growing local mining industry.


Expanded the export market to Indonesia


As an Australian environmental engineering company in the overseas market, the Heal Group reached a turning point ‐ we wanted to be able to offer more than simple treatment equipment options. It was decided that Heal Group needed to be more than a manufacturer, and it commenced expansion into the professional services area. Since this move the group has developed within its own ranks, and with strategic partnerships, a professional service that encompasses water, water waste, and solid wastes handling, and has the capacity to offer both civil and structural engineering services to support the primary environmental activity of the Group.


The Group gained a foothold in the Hong Kong‐China market. This required a Chinese association and Heal Group has established good relationships with partners in Hong Kong and China. This has led to the development of an excellent supply chain.


Commissioned to design and project manage a ‘floating’ plant that was a world first, and is still in use today in Hong Kong.

Over the last three decades the Heal Group has become a fully integrated environmental engineering company geared to provide extremely cost effective, modern and versatile services in all areas of water, waste water, and solid waste management. The Group has the expertise to provide the latest technology to suit the needs of industrialised countries, right through to the best low‐tech solutions appropriate to the location and site requirements. This enables the costs of projects to be tailored to the needs of the client and their particular application. From the highlands and islands of New Guinea, the South & North Pacific, and the Indian Ocean, Hong Kong Harbour, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in Central Asia, Heal Group will always strive to provide the best, most appropriate and cost effective solution to any application.