Heal Enviromental Consulting

The Heal Group offers a full Consulting Service for Water, Waste Water and Solids Waste Systems with the associated Structural and Civil Engineering inputs. This service is available independently of any of the other Heal Group functions and is offered on a fully professional basis.

Distance and site difficulty are not something that daunts the Group. For example the Heal Group has provided Design and Consulting Services for the provision of a 0.4Ml Plant for Hurricane Hydrocarbons for their Oil Fields in Kazakstan. Due to the climate variation of -40oC to +45oC, this Project is not only for the provision of a Treatment Plant, but also for the Provision of a Climate Controlled Building System which will have wider application on the site.

The Heal Group Consulting & Design Department are also involved in the development of innovative technology for use in both the Water and Waste Water Industry as well as for General Industry. The Department has also developed Waste Water BNR Systems that enable removal of nutrients as well as the carbon cycle by fully biological means. This said there are also Systems that are available for the chemical flocculation of Phosphorous in conjunction with biological means of removing nitrogen.

The Systems that have been designed are innovative and cost effective. In addition, they are robust and do not rely on real time monitoring to keep the System on line. This means that these Systems can be used where staff do not necessarily have to have a Chemical Engineering Degree to run the Facilities.