Containerised Units

Another popular product we are proud to offer are our containerised units. By minimalizing the scale of a full size water treatment plant, we have engineered a size adapted plant that can, as the name suggests, fit into a shipping sized container and yet still exhibits the same revered aspects that place our larger treatment plants at their high standard.

While maintaining the ingenuity of our larger plants, our containerised units are not only easier and quicker to install, but they are extremely appropriate for our clients who have land limitations. The size of the units present our clients, who may have restricted space, the same opportunity to recycle waste water wisely, before reintroducing this water into the surrounding environment.

This unique unit provides leniency regarding location as it can easily be transported and then installed at differing sites when necessary. For instance, our containerised units are ideal regarding any natural disasters that may impact on the quality of water in affected areas.