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The Heal Group first entered the Waste Water Industry in 1978 when Aerobic Sewage Treatment Co. Pty. Ltd. released a range of Pre Cast Modular, Package Sewage Treatment Plants and Sewage Pumping Equipment base on the Tsurumi range of Raw Sewage Pumps.

In 1982 Heal Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. entered the market with a range of Potable Water Treatment Systems, Pool Filtration Systems and Steel Package Sewage Treatment Plants. Since this time, the Group has developed a range of equipment for the Water, Waste Water and Solid Waste applications within the Municipal, Mining and Commercial Sectors. In 1992, the Group became involved in the uses of Natural Zeolites within the Water and Water Waste Industry. In 1986, the Group took the opportunity of expanding into the Export Market with its initial thrust into Papua New Guinea. This was in part due to the high amount of activity in the Minerals and Petroleum Industry and one of the Principal's knowledge of this close neighbour to Australia.

In 1990, the Group was able to expand into the Indonesian Market in association with the Australian and US based Mining Companies. As such, the majority of the work was associated with the provision of Water and Waste Water Equipment to this sector of the Indonesian Market. In 1997, after the financial upheavals in the South East Asian Market, it became necessary for the Group to find allies in Indonesia in order to take advantage of the currency exchange rates and to cement a place in this Market. In 1992, it was decided that Heal Group needed to be more than a Manufacturer. Since this time, the group has developed within its own ranks and, with strategic partnerships, a professional service. This service covers Water, Water Waste and Solid Wastes and has the capacity to offer both Civil and Structural Engineering Services to support the primary Environmental activity of the Group. In 1994 the Group gained a foot hold in the Hong Kong, China Market. Though this is a difficult Market to become established in, the Group has been able to establish a presence in this area and will continue to promote its services in the region. This Market requires a Chinese Association, and though there have been some difficulties, we have now established good relationships with an honourable partner in Hong Kong. In 1999 the Heal Group had the opportunity to become part of a water & waste water group in Santiago de Chile concentrating on the South American market.

The Group now has among its partners Heal Andina SA which is a company based and incorporated in Chile to allow access to this market. The Group can offer both advanced Water and Water Waste Systems to suit the needs of the Industrialised Countries and can offer good quality Systems where the sophistication of Systems is not essential. This enables the costs of Projects to be tailored to the needs of the Client and their particular application. This is in contrast to the imposition of inappropriate Technology that has difficulties in becoming established in the countries in question.

Should you have any enquires regarding the Group do not hesitate to place an inquiry on our Contact Page. We will answer your inquiry promptly and endeavour to find a practical solution to your "problem".