6 Cell Filtration System

A Six Cell Filtration System is one of our signature and most popular water treatment systems. This system was created and designed by our very own engineers, for industrial and commercial purposes, such as the one displayed in the images below

This system in particular, which was designed and commissioned for BH P Billiton, is constructed to look as though it comprises of three large tanks, however each of these is split in two down the middle.

In each of these tanks is a vertical pipe that the contaminated water flows upward through before overflowing. Surrounding the pipe and filling the tank is a substance known as zeolite, a mineral frequently used as a commercial adsorbent and catalyst.

Zeolites are basically used to separate molecules and in this context the minerals act like a molecular sieve, only allowing certain sizes and shapes of molecules to pass through. The contaminated water overflows from the vertical pipe within the tanks before moving through the zeolite which captures pollutants while still allowing the water to pass through.

A significant feature of this design that contributes to its economy and popularity is its self-cleaning ability. The treatment plant has the capability to reverse the entire procedure. This results in a process where water is blasted back up throughout the system cleansing the media inside the tanks.