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Project Management



The Heal Group successfully completes contracts by exercising the discipline of initiating, planning, executing and controlling the work of our team to achieve specific goals desired by our clients. When undertaking a new project, we consistently endeavor to produce a unique product designed to meet any and every aspect required, with the initiative to bring about beneficial change to the environment.

A project involving the design and fabrication of a sewage treatment plant on Christmas Island presented as quiet a challenge. The scope of works called for a design of a facility that could be constructed in a remote location, whilst being fully functional and simultaneously obtaining a long service life that could be expected for a Municipal Project.


The subsequent solution to this problem, formulated by our Project Management team, was a tilt up wall system which allowed for high quality finishes in the remote location. With the beams and columns fully surrounding the panel structures, this proved a very successful solution. In addition, design allowed for systematic activity that the client required.

Another project that called for complicated specifications was that of Jumbo Restaurant's floating sewerage treatment plant. The need for the Shun Tak Corporation to have an effective Sewage Treatment System for its Jumbo Resaurants located in Aberdeen Harbour Hong Kong once again used the talent of the Heal Group design team to develop a Sewage Plant that was floating and able to be moored between the Jumbo & Jumbo Palace Floating Restaurants. The result was a Treatment Facility that is producing a high quality effluent for the Client and satisfying the HKEPD. In addition the facility is registered with HK Marine Dept & The China Classification Society as a Ship.

The design of Municipal Works is shown by the 6.0Ml Facility which was designed for the Shezhen - Futan Free Trade Zone in Guangdong Province, China. This Facility was designed to allow 2.0Ml expansion of the Plant to allow for Treatment to be offered to the Free Trade Zone while it grew. Such design briefs are easily handled by the Design Team and can offer innovative solutions.

The Design Team is also capable of Environmental Assessment and Studies. Above we show Maanshan Lakes Trial for bio-remediation of the Lake System that had become badly polluted over the years. In this Trial we were assisted by Andrew Haig of IBS, with whom the Trial was conducted. This Lake System covers some 153.0 acres and was hand dug during Chairman Mao's Great Leap Forward. The Lakes once bio-remediated will again be a beautiful feature of the Central Chinese City of Maanshan.

The Design department of our management team also specialises in trouble shooting, and above we have our Director and Chief Engineer, Mr. David Herbert examining an Oil & Grease Separator in Hong Kong that was being prepared for modification.